"How texting can work for you"

Reach Out, Get Connected to More Buyers. Sell More Houses!
How many prospects look at your properties every day, but never contact you?
How many take flyers, but never a call? With our Mobile Text Marketing service, you literally have buyers in the palm of your hand. By offering them on the spot details of the property, you get them to initiate the contact and you get notified immediately.
Our Mobile Text Marketing is simple to use;
  • Easy setup - Only takes minutes to add a property, simply create a "Keyword" (most use the specific address for keyword. example "112ELMST").
  • Setup "Response Text" (example "Brief Property Description"), Providing buyers with instant property information.
  • Details are viewed directly on buyer's phone via your "Response Text".
  • Database everyone requesting information, automatically.
  • Gain a competitive advantage over other home sellers in your area.
  • Access to online reports of who's requesting information.
  • Immediate Notification via "text message" to your mobile phone # or email, or both with detailed info of property of interest and buyers mobile phone # that you can quickly call setting up home showing.
Our SMS Manager makes it very simple to upgrade or downgrade your monthly plan as needed.
The home buyer sends in a simple text message, and the Mobile Text Marketing service instantly sends photos, pricing, and additional information directly to their mobile phone!
More importantly, Mobile Text Marketing sends you, the Real Estate Agent, the phone # of the prospect while they are still in front of the house!
You will instantly receive a text message and an email. You are now connected with someone looking to purchase a home in your area, who you normally wouldn't even know existed!
Mobile Text Marketing Q&A
  • Do I need to put software on my computer?
  • I am not a real estate agent. I want to use this service to sell my own house.
        YES you can! Our Starter Plan is perfect for selling your own home.
  • Are the yard signs included?
        We do not include signs. The great part is that you can use the sign on any property. When one is sold, move it to another. The same SMS number can be used!
  • Can I start with the basic plan and then upgrade if I need more?
        Yes, our dashboard makes it very simple to upgrade or downgrade your monthly plan. It only takes a few minutes and can be done at anytime.
There's really no more powerful way to reach out to your audience than by text message.


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